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Flea & Fluke available now in Malaysia

We are proud to announce that Flea & Fluke is now available in Malaysia!
100% made in USA.
Those from KL, Sabah, Sarawak, feel free to walk-in to our ukulele store located in Penang.

Flea & Fluke Ukuleles – are one of the most recommended and favorably reviewed ukuleles by seasoned players as a top quality starter and everyday ukulele.
Flea and Flukes have consistant quality with low easy action for playability and dead on intonation. They make it fun and enjoyable to learn and grow on.

Many ukulele players who own very expensive ukuleles still have a fluke or flea as a travel ukulele or beach player as they are sturdy and durable.

Over 38 000 instruments have been sold!

They are solidly built in Connecticut U.S.A. . Join in on the ukulele fun and get your fluke or flea today!