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Aquila 96C Nylgut Guitalele 6-Strings

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Brand  : Aquila
Model  : Guitarlele
Type    : 6 strings


The Aquila Corde 96C Nylgut Guitalele 6-Strings are a full set of 6x replacement strings for Guitaleles/Guileles, created using new Nylgut. Nylgut, distinguishable by its colour, is nearly the same as natural gut and has a specific density and acoustical qualities nearly identical to that of gut with a very high breaking point index of 310Hz per meter. Nylgut is the first and only synthetic string that possesses the sonic qualities of the natural gut string.


Other features of Nylgut are its elevated resistance to wear under tension and its resistance to changes of climate, which are greater than that of Nylon and thereby ensure a superior stability of tuning under normal conditions.


Made In Italy

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