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Soultone – FXO Series Cymbals

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Size,10 inch Splash FXO5[+0],12 inch Splash FXO5[+72],14 inch FXO 6[+187],15 inch FXO B6[+231],16 inch FXO 6[+257],16 inch FXO 6B3[+257],17 inch FXO 12[+389],18 inch FXO 12J[+442],19 inch FXO 6B3[+485]


Brand  : Soultone Cymbals
Model  : FXO Series Cymbal
Size     : 10″


100% handmade B20, brilliant finish, trashy cymbals that add a stunning effect to your cymbal set up. Featuring 5 models: FXO6, FXO12, FXOB6, FXO6B3, and FXO12J – with the option of adding jingles or rivets.


100% Made In Turkey

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The Soultone FXO Series cymbals a Custom Brilliant model with special opening and holes placed in various locations on the cymbal to create and array of fantastic trashy crashy sounds. Some models also come with rivets which gives the cymbals an extra sizzle affect

The FXO Series are a perfect effects cymbals for any type of music from jazz to metal.

Soultone Artists:
Jonathan Moffet (Michael Jackson), Nick Menza (Of Megadeath), Veronica Bellino (Jeff Beck), Jordan Nuanez (LMFAO), Jerohn Garnett (Mariah Carey), George Johnson Jr. (Seal), Meytal Cohen & many more…

Soultone (YouTube Channel)
Soultone Malaysia (Facebook Page)

Become Soultone Dealer? | Kindly email to: [email protected] or call +6012-4613006

Check out the FXO Series Cymbals video now

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