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Soultone – Vintage Series “Hi-Hats” Cymbals

From RM 1,121.00

Brand  : Soultone Cymbals
Model  : Vintage “China” Cymbal
Size     : 14″, 15″


These 100% handmade B20 cymbals have thinner lathing with wide spacing that produces a smooth, darker, traditional sound.


100% Made In Turkey


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The Vintage Series from Soultone Cymbals offer the highest quality hand made Turkish cymbals at a price we can all afford.

Thinner weight and deeper lathing with extra hammering, and the SuperStroke finish produce a darker, more traditional, old school sound.

Soultone Artists:
Jonathan Moffet (Michael Jackson), Nick Menza (Of Megadeath), Veronica Bellino (Jeff Beck), Jordan Nuanez (LMFAO), Jerohn Garnett (Mariah Carey), George Johnson Jr. (Seal), Meytal Cohen & many more…

Soultone (YouTube Channel)
Soultone Malaysia (Facebook Page)

Become Soultone Dealer? | Kindly email to: [email protected] or call +6012-4613006

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