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I finally got another soprano today – I purchased a beautiful Bruko #6 flat uke from Manuel Ukulele. I’ve barely had a chance to try it out but what little I’ve played shows it to have a nice sound. The whole transaction with this online store was wonderful and I would highly recommend them! They were nice enough to reserve the uke for me and communication with them was excellent. Mahalo, Manuel Ukulele! 😀
Jamian Khairi
Initialy encounter some misinterpretation before buying but doubt was cleared immediately. Overall service is good and very fast delivery. My Mele all solid wood Tenor received in good condition.
M.E Yuen
Thanks Manuel for the good service. Recieved my uke and very satisfied with the instrument. Now I got 3 Uke sets. 2 Mahalo and Lanikai…uuups..1 more Mahalo from my daughter of my Birthday gift……First day of touching the Uke I try to reconize few chord..well..for 3 days I can sing 1 simple song with 3 chord….fantastic….If you have work related pressure…I guess this can… at least release some….Thanks Manuel.
Abdul Rahman Sanif
thanx to manuel ukulele…its already arrived at my home…currently in college rite now…can’t wait 2 see my Lanikai Soprano LU 21P ukulele..hehe:)
kuman 90
Got a orange dolphin makala ukulele for my friend for her birthday. I must say, quick delivery and good customer services, they offer more than what is advertised here. However, the ukulele does have a bit of dirt on the side, not too obvious though but it is there. Other than that, kudos on the service and the speedy delivery, definitely recommended! 🙂
Melvin L
I have received Mahogany Tenor today but sadly I’m at college. Anyways Thank You for your good service Manuelukulele. Cannot Wait maa.. XD
Baihaqi Wan
Hoping to get an ukulele but you’re at east malaysia? Don’t panic! ManuelUkuleleMusic is well-known for trustworthy and speed delivery. Despite that I’m in Sarawak, my ukulele arrived one day after they shipped it!! Having fun with my Kala-15S now 😀
Ling Paul
I purchased my Eleuke Tenor from Manuel…damn! Lightning fast delivery and very reliable!! 2 thumbs up for Manuel!
Doreen Limn